NosTale Launch


After a long time of development we are finally pleased to release NosTale to the DynZen network!

We will begin your journey at Act 6.2 to battle against Caligor and Incomplete Fernon. We have plans to release Act 7.1 and Act 7.2 within the next few months as well as a ton of custom content and events!

Once everyone is ready for Act 8.1 and Act 8.2 we will release that content.

We have made a ton of changes to the existing content as well as some custom additions to assist with player experience. You can find a list of all changes in the following articles:

Server Rates

Exp: x17
Gold: x1
Drop: x2
Fame: x1
Pet: x3
Partner: x3
Fairy: x3

We would like to provide some insight into our thought process and why we chose these rates:

Experience was simple, we just did not want everyone to rush so quickly whilst not being in a position to provide the resources for late game.

We understand people want a lot of gold. Instead of allowing already dense gold areas of the game be nerfed due to us improving the server rate. We decided to increase the sell value of specific items to create a diverse economy that we can control. It also allows us to run weekend x2 events that will please a lot of people when that does come around.

The drop rate even though states x2 is a lot higher due to the way we have designed it. The rate is operated by a custom function that allows us to keep rare items still rare and doesn't just spam everyones client full of useless items.

Fame is a useless area but to some important. That's why we are happy to leave it at x1 so those who do reach specific ranks can be admired more.

Pet, Partner and Fairy is at a nice balance. We don't believe it needs to be adjusted any higher.

It's important we deliver to everyone a great server so we are interested in finding out what you think and if you have any suggestions let us know on our Discord Server.


Begins: June 15th
Ends: July 6th

Beta will provide us with the ability to make quick changes to the game without the need of scheduled maintenances. All information regarding beta will be found below:

We WILL NOT be wiping accounts.
Servers may go down with minimal warnings during Beta. It could be that we have an important fix to apply.
Expect a lot of patches and changes to current content during Beta (based on your feedback).
Scheduled maintenance is always a Wednesday of each week.

Beta Rewards

All Rewards will be delivered automatically once the task has been complete.

DynZen Beta Reward (A)

Play for 3 hours during Beta.

Traveler [Title]
Ancelloan's Blessing x2
Experience Potion x12
Attack Potion x6
Defence Potion x6
Divine Recovery Potion x50

DynZen Beta Reward (B)

Reach Lv. 99 during Beta.

Medal of Erenia
DynZen Founders Costume (Permanent)
Fairy Booster x2
Attack Potion x6
Defence Potion x6

DynZen Beta Reward (C)

Participate in 25 raids during Beta.

Polar Bear Snarl Bead
NosMerchant Medal (1 Day/Event) x3
Mother Nature's Tree Rune (Rare)

We look forward to meeting every one of you. Please feel free to join our Discord Server and let us know what you think and how we can improve.

See you in NosVille!