Patch 1.0.5

Beta has now ended!

We want to thank everyone who has assisted us during Beta. Your efforts towards bug reports, feedback and input has assisted us in improving the game and your experience overall. Now that Beta has ended the Beta Rewards will no longer be able to be obtained.

Server Rates

These are the final server rates and adjustments we have made based on your feedback which, we believe is fair for everyone.

Exp: x16
Gold: x2
Drop: x3
Reputation: x2
Pet: x12
Partner: x12
Fairy: x5
Family Exp: x2

General Changes

Disabled the Dragon Blessings which were applying to +15 Specialists.
Added a message in-game when you hit the pity value to receive the main reward from a Fortune Bag.

Applied a rule to Kertos, Valakus and Grenigas raidboxes which will increase the rate for equipment based on the rare level of the raidbox.

Eri's daily quests will now provide the correct Heat Resistance Potion when completed.
Note: We have replaced all the incorrect items in everyones inventories to the correct version.

If you kill a monster inside Glacernon you will now improve the % of your own Faction.
If no players are inside Glacernon the % will randomly increase slowly picking a random Faction each time.

Improved the amount of items a map can hold up to 400% higher than the original amount.
Reworked the rates and updated Ibrahim's Bag contents to the following:

Ibrahim's Bag

Master Thief [Title]
Ibrahim's Golden Key
Robber Gang Silver Coin x5
Shiny Sky Blue Gemstone x5

Disabled the Martial Artist equipment that is obtained inside the Archaeologist Relic Trading.
Character deletion will now require you to enter the characters name to confirm.
Set the purchase price of Gillion Stone from NPC Shops to 12,500 gold each.
Updated Boxer Bushi stats and effects.

Betting Improvements

We have modified the betting to feel less stressful but still offer the challenge without losing the value of the item. We have adjusted where we feel is fair and will offer more chances of receiving those shiny stats.

All betting requests now have a 50% chance of success if the rare value of the item is > -1.
Improved the rates of receiving a Rare 7 or Rare 8 when betting.

Tresure Keeper

Therese is located in Port Alveus Square [69, 28]. She will provide an important service in trading special goods. We will update Therese as time goes on with more and more similar related services.

Added several boxes to the game which will provide x3~x5 Specialist Perfection Stones of the type noted on the box when opened.

Added production recipes for the new Specialist Perfection Stones at Therese. It will cost x5 Draco's Claw or x5 Glacerus' Mane per box.

NosMall Changes

This weeks Fortune Bags are "Lunar Wings", "Wonderland Set" and "Enchanting Unicorn"!

Bug Fixes

Fixed a visual bug relating to raid boxes not applying the correct raid name to the associated box when viewing the item description.
Note: Will only apply to new generated raid boxes, existing ones will show the wrong raid still but will provide the correct reward.

Fixed a bug that caused Channels 1 and 2 to crash on July 4th.
Fixed a bug where Raidboxes would go invisible when inserting into the NosBazaar.
Note: All Raidboxes will now appear correctly for those that went invisible.

Fixed a bug that caused Speed Booster buff to not teleport specific mounts.
Fixed a bug that was causing the wrong speed to be applied for specific mounts.
Fixed a bug with Champion Level experience gained being too low after reaching Champion Level 29.

Fixed a bug where Sealed Heavenly Leather Armour and Sealed Hellord Leather Armour were requiring Champion Level 25 instead of Champion Level 28.

Fixed a bug related to specific players who are married were not receiving their buffs or able to use Wings of Friendship without both having the item.

Fixed a bug where Eri's Equipment would be allowed to be created into Partner Equipment.
Fixed a bug where Seed of Power could not be stored in a players warehouse.
Fixed a bug where some specific items prior to Patch 1.0.4 that were listed in the NosBazaar continued to experience issues and were unable to be retrieved.

Fixed a bug related to Cutscenes not playing after acts were complete.
Fixed a bug with TS55 not delivering the Beanie Hat.
Note: Those who did not receieve their Beanie Hat prior to this patch. Please contact Alastor via DM in Discord to have it delivered to you.

Fixed a rate bug related to Rare 8 betting when an item is Rare 8.
Fixed a bug where NosBazaar would not open in Glacernon.

Weekend Event

We will be hosting a 30% chance double raid box event this weekend! The event will begin on July 8th (11:00 UTC+1) and end on July 11th (11:00 UTC+1).

We are always curious on your opinion. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any concerns or any suggestions to improving the content we have provided you.

See you in NosVille!