Patch 1.0.2

We want to begin by thanking everyone so far for their support and assistance in resolving areas of the game that have either required a fix or improvements. It's been a good start and we've made some recommended adjustments based on everyone's feedback so far.

You can find a list of all the changes applied in today's patch:

Server Rates

We have been watching how everyone has been playing so far and took note of the key areas we feel have required adjustments. Your feedback on rates has really helped us understand further the importance of a balanced journey through the game so we have made these adjustments based on that and we hope these changes are welcomed.

Exp: x16
Gold: x2
Drop: x3
Fairy: x5

We decided on slightly reducing experience as people are levelling very quickly and are unable to keep up financially in-game. Adjusting gold and drop rates slightly will also help balance this out for new players.

General Changes

Improved the delay when selecting a channel.
Note: It won't be a huge difference. We are reviewing the process though to see if we can improve this further.

Added a message that appears when a channel is selected to state you're being authenticated.
Improved the rule that prevents monster drops due to level range from 10 to 25 for items, 10 to 20 for gold and 5 to 30 for quest items.
Modified "Eri's Trial II" quest task to not require you to complete Mother Cuby raid and only require you to hunt x12 Big Fox, x12 Angry Mandra and x12 Small Mufflon.
Reduced "Beta Reward A" task down to 1 hour instead of 3 hours.
Note: The task requires you to stay online for 1 hour, changing channels will reset this back to 0. We felt 3 hours of staying in one channel just won't work so we have reduced this so it's not inconvenient.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with Zen amount showing incorrectly when closing the NosMall.
Fixed the issue that caused Channel 2 to crash on June 17th.
Applied a test fix to the bug causing quests to not complete correctly on random occasions.
Note: Could players let me know if this has improved on Discord Server.

Fixed a problem causing the channels to be out of sync.

As a thank you to everyone who has participated in Beta so far. We have created a "Weekend Beta Booster Package" that can be acquired via the NosMall under "Manage > Events Items".

Note: Package will be removed June 20th at 1pm UTC+1.

We are always curious on your opinion. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any concerns or any suggestions to improving the content we have provided you.

See you in NosVille!